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Jul 14, 2008

You are in Bnei Braq now!

(My wife told me the following story. She heard it firsthand from the person involved)

We had a ganenet who got married and moved to Bnei Braq. She is starting her new life, and for whatever reason she is also changing professions. She is now going to be working in an old age home with old people and then also with disabled children.

She will be great at her new job - no doubt about it - she is a warm, loving and happy person..

She had to register some stuff with the Iriya in Bnei Braq. She went in and waited on line.

She finally gets her turn at the desk:

One clerk is davening.
Then next clerk is also davening.
The last one is bentching.

In her words, she finally loses it (hard to imagine, knowing her, but ok).

The clerks are all "Emm" ing and gesticulating, but not talking because they are davening. All the other people in line are ok with it - she says they seem used to it, but she said she got her turn, she wants to do what she needs to do and get out of there.

The 'bentcher' clerk finished and kind of apologized but explained that they also need to live and daven and eat and bentch and that's life - get used to it - you are in Bnei Braq now!!

I don't know - yes, they need breaks to go to the washroom, snack, daven, whatever. But all at the same time?


  1. I'm not sure why it would be specifically people in Bnei Brak who would be interested in violating halakhot that couldn't be clearer about the obligations of workers.

    Don't they try to keep halakha there?

  2. many employers give such conditions to employees - time to daven is common in Israel, especially in companies with a sizeable religious employee base. The one bentching - if she was on her lunch break, she finishes eating and bentches. no problem.

    But they should not be all allowed to do it in the middle of kabbalat kahal, all at the same time!


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