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Jul 28, 2008

sorry for the dearth

Sorry for the lack of posting. I took a day off to go shecht (a post on it will be coming) and now I have a ton to catch up on....


  1. btw, is your shechting outing a reflection of distrust of all kashruth supervision (from your recent post?)

    i have a classmate who told me that when he graduates he wants to shecht his own meat because he doesn't trust anyone else (he's worked as a mashgiach and knows what goes on)

  2. I can easily say yes, and that I (mostly) only eat my own shechita, but that would not be true.
    I do mostly eat only my own shechita, but that is just because that is mostly what I have. Not because I will not eat othe rpeople's. I am mostly of the belief that if the hechsher is respectable and considered reliable, then I happily trust them and eat it and any problems are on the heads of the mashgichim.

  3. While i'll be interested to read about it - no pictures please!!!


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