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Jun 20, 2013

Crazy sales pitch from Pelephone

This afternoon I had a strange experience.

An agent of Pelephone called me. For those of you who might not know, Pelephone is one of the companies that provide mobile phone services.

The rep asked me which cell provider and I using. I told her I am with Golan.

She asked how much I pay, and I told her 99 NIS. She asked if I have additional lines, and I said I have 2 lines at 10 NIS each per month.

After thinking for a moment she said said I will offer you a deal to switch to Pelephone. 3 phone lines for 149 NIS per month.

I asked her why would I switch to Pelephone if you are offering me a deal that is more expensive than what I am already paying?

She gave me an answer about how Golan is no good and they don't give good service and you cannot rely on them..

I said to her you need to go to a course in sales right away. After the pitch you gave me, there is no way I would switch to Pelephone. You asked me the cost and then offered me a more expensive price. You asked me if I am happy and then after I said yes you tried to sell me on their being no good. I also said I used to be with Pelephone and their service stinks, so that would never be a good selling point.

I was scratching my head after that phone call. If this is how they try to bring in customers, they must not be making many sales...

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  1. Rafi,
    Here is your experience via Youtube!


  2. Cellcom did this to me too even before the prices went down. I felt really bad for the person who came to my office and wasted my time on this.

  3. Pelephone are the lowest of the low- money grabbing lying scumbags. They deserve to go bankrupt


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