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Jun 26, 2013

Interesting Posts #501

1. rescuing mashiach

2. buying haredi: a win-win

3. Rosenblum apologized: deal with it

4. the difference between terrorists and charedim

5. Reddit's Q&A hosted by a hassidic Jew, on Shabbos.. very interesting

6. we need to hold hands

7. Letter to the Editor: Many Messengers

8. top 10 Jews on my block

9. Hassidim on bikes - I am not sure why someone would compile such a collection of photographs, but someone did..

10. Israel should be Jewish by law

11. 9 signs of summer in Jerusalem

12. want your prayers answered?

13. what does a name mean?

14. Israeli inventor of cardboard bike goes to crowdfunding to move to production - I love the idea, but don't see why a donor does not get the bike itself until he makes a donation of $290 or more. With the bike expected to sell eventually for about $29, I think he should be giving donors the bike at a much lower cost right now than $290..

15. The RCA responds to Hamodia, in Hamodia

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  1. About the bike, that's the thing - you get to be one of the 'first' for the privilege.

    1. I get that but it is a lot of money to be the first. its a humongous increase over the regular price.

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