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Jun 17, 2013

Quote of the Day

(note: this is more of a paraphrase than an actual quote)
I called the police after my home was attacked. Three days later, however, police have not responded, and have yet to send a detective to take details of the incident. It is strange that the incidents have not been reported in the media, considering how interested reporters were in a previous incident that occurred in the city, where hareidi men were accused of spitting in front of schoolgirls. If they are so interested in Beit Shemesh news, here is a story they should really be telling..

  -- resident of Bet Shemesh who says his house was stoned by Arabs on Friday, yet police haven't done anything about it

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  1. The story is weird. He says that he didn't see the attackers. So how does he know that they were Arabs? And why would Arabs stone a home in Bet Shemesh?

  2. the story is weird. I dont know whats true whats not. the only report I saw of it was the one on INN.
    Regardless of the story, his quote is good, invoking the Orot girls school issue to be upset at the police now..

    1. The police didn't do anything at Orot either.

    2. thats true, but at least the media spoke about it and he wants the media to speak about what happened to him


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