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Jun 19, 2013

PSA: RBS D and E DEMONSTRATION- Monday 11am 24/6 16th of Tammuz

A message from the organizers of the petitions regarding RBS D and E..

Thank you all for signing the objection letters  against the destruction of Emek Haelah and  for the establishment of a National Park  just South of Bet Shemesh.
With your help we   will safeguard the herds of deer and other wildlife that life in the area, and ensure that future generations will be able to marvel at the incredible archeological finds in the area as well as ride their bicycles through the second most popular bicycle riding area in the State of Israel.
Yes, there needs to be building of new homes in Israel, and the alternative plan that we have presented will allow more sensible building with better use of land , in areas that are less important.
The letters will all be going to the Minister of the Interior as well as to the Regional planning committee.
As we saw with Ramat Bet Shemesh gimmel the minister has a lot of power  in the decision making
We must show him that we are serious
Please come to the demonstration outside the Ministry of the Interior
It will be at 11 am  at Rechov Kaplan 2 Jerusalem  This Monday 24/6   16th Tammuz
There will be buses leaving the Rama and Bet Shemesh at 9.45  (Old BIG and Neeimi) and the Moatza building at Mateh Yehuda at 10
We know it is a difficult time of day  and that many people are working. Please tell all the retired people  and students that have  a day off to join us.  Please make  the time. This is for our beloved Eretz Yisrael.
If you would like to  be on one of the buses please call
Tzachi-052/2400302   Tseela 054/3077324   Itamar 052/3687041 or Eve 0545309732

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