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Jun 20, 2013

Email of the Day

The following email went out today on our neighborhood email list...enjoy!
We have purchased a donkey for the mitzvah of Peter Rechem Chamor (redeeming the firstborn male of a donkey).
The donkey is at Davida's farm and according to Davida she is now pregnant. Gestation takes about a year and we do not have a due date yet. For anyone who wants to join in the Mitzvah, you can become a partner by giving 100 shekels to the group and making a kinyan with me. Proceeds will go to Bet Knesset Feigenson. You only have to do this once, so if the donkey (named Shoshanna) gives birth to a girl she and her baby will be sold and we will start again with the group's money transferred over as shares in a newly purchased donkey.
Of course this Mitzvah is only for Yisraelim as Cohanim and Leviim can NOT join the group (but for those Cohanim or Leviim interested, you can volunteer to give Shoshanna a bath). I can be reached at 054xxxxxxx and I look forward to expanding Our Mitzvah group.

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