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Jun 20, 2013

Interesting Posts #499

1. the making of a racist

2. I dont text on Shabbos

3. the private kiddush

4. the messenger and the message - the money excerpt from Rabbi Wein.. "Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennett, Dov Lipman may be the messengers and they bear the brunt of the personal attacks being leveled against them by the Charedi world’s spokesmen. But let us ignore who the messengers are and listen to the message. The current social and economic situation of the Charedi society in Israel is no longer tenable. There is a limit as to how many generations can consecutively be raised in poverty without there being a breakdown in that society."

5. the end of the telegraph

6. chocolate chip pizza - interesting example comparing it to learning during davening

7. when the ultra-Orthodox advocate religious freedom - William Kolbrener on Haaretz (sorry about the paywall, but well worth the read)

8. 1 lock, 1 key and 3 walls

9. paradigm shifts for Americans banking in Israel

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