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Jun 24, 2013

Headline of the Day

Residents of Elah Valley: We will not allow Holyland 2 to happen here

  -- NRG

According to various reports in the various news outlets, between 120 and 150 residents of the Elah Valley towns and Bet Shemesh showed up outside the office of Minister of Interior Gideon Saar today to protest the planned construction in the mountains of the Elah Valley, in what is to become RBS D and RBS E.

The main statement of the protesters was that the Elah Valley, where David fought against Goliath, is a unique region in the State of Israel, and in an arbitrary decision of the previous Minister of Interior, it is going to become a real estate monstrosity. The protesters say that these plans were approved without alternatives being investigated, as the law requires, and such massive construction will destroy the area. Alternatives should be researched, and a national park should be established in the area to protect the environment and archaeology.

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  1. Add a zero or two after the number of protesters, and he might pay attention.

  2. dont know. a protest at 11 am is the middle of the workday. 120 people sounds pretty good to me. Behind the 120 people who showed up are something like 7000 signatories on the petition.


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