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Jun 16, 2013

Formula One Jerusalem Peace Road Show (video and photo blog)

I went on Friday to watch some of the Formula One Peace Road Show in Jerusalem. It was pretty cool..

Here's a clip of some of the activity I saw from where I was standing. After a while I moved to down to the busier area. I did not have as good a spot for taking pictures and video, but was able to see more activity...

the Formula One drivers took a ride around the track waving to spectators before starting their performance.. 
we don't see a Maserati too often on the streets of Jerusalem, or anywhere else in Israel!

front and back wheelies in the motorbike shows... along with handlebar riding and plenty of other motorbike tricks

burning rubber. didn't smell too good

people were very innovative in their quest to get a good view. Some climbed up on top of the bus stop - until police told them to get down

the crowds were very diverse...  everybody was enjoying...

this guy put on a good show...

a variety of different types of race cars...

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