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Jun 18, 2013

Missing the "a-Waze-ing" windfall

The "voice of Waze" missed the windfall.

It seems the guy, Ami Mendelman, who made the original recording for the Waze GPS system did so on contract - rather than as an employee. He was paid 200 NIS in 2009 for his recording. Now that Waze was sold for over a billion dollars, he is upset that he was not offered more money. He says he deserves royalties.

I feel bad for Mr. Mendelman. There aren't too many feelings worse than a missed major windfall. But I do not see why any contract worker should be awarded anything beyond what is stipulated in his contract. they owe him nothing. He asks doesn't he deserve a piece of the pie, and the answer is no. No, he does not deserve it. If he included royalties in the contract, then he would deserve it. But he worked for a fee, he was paid his fee, and that's the end of their relationship.

Would it be nice of them to give the "voice of Waze" something? Perhaps. Necessary or deserving? No.

I wonder if he feels worse or better than Naftali Bennet who passed up on the CEO job that was offered to him...

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  1. Bennet, without and financial qualifications was offered to be the ceo of a company for exactly what purpose? Protektzia somewhere?

  2. no need to scoff at him. he led a number of startups, including having brought 2 to successful "exits" in which he made some millions for himself and for plenty of other people. as well, he came out of Sayeret Matkal which is also known for its alumni succeeding fairly well in life after in both entrepreneurship and politics..
    you dont have to like or agree with his politics, or like him at all, but dont deny what he has done.


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