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Jun 18, 2013

Quote of the Day

As a resident of the settlements I began to search to figure out "where is the money", so I could return it. And I have news for you. I have found the money. I have found a lot of money - 453 billion shekels.
Do you want to hear where is the money? 86 billion shekels over the last 20 years has been transferred to Gaza, to a terror organization called the Palestinian Authority. 
Additional budgets added to the security services since the Oslo Accords totals 28.5 billion shekels. You checked how much the settlements cost us, now let's check how much the leftists cost us with their concept of the Oslo Accords.
The Border Patrol in Judea and Samaria, which we did not need before this, has cost us 19 billion shekels since Oslo. That is the cost of the concept of dividing the land and the Oslo Accords, it is the cost of adopting the ideas of the leftists over the last 20 years.
Before the Oslo Accords there was no need for a guard in every coffee shop, terrorists did not blow things up here.. it was not a Garden of Eden, but restaurants were not lifted into the air...

  -- MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud Beyteynu)

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  1. I have no idea how much money was spent before Oslo when we had to pay for a Civil Administration, all sorts of informers, and soldiers patroling the streets of Palestinian cities and refugee camps. And Feiglin doesn't bother to inform us either.
    Moreover, what is his point? Oslo was 20 years ago. The security needs of the State are what they are. I see no reason to bring them into the current budget, under a PM that had nothing to do with Oslo and did his utmost to oppose them at the time.

  2. You say you found 453 billion NIS and then account for less than 100 billion. Go find the rest Feiglin and then come back to us


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