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Jun 17, 2013

Headline of the Day

100-Year-Old General: We Razed Arab Villages, So What?

  -- INN

I happen to agree with Brigadier General Yitzchak Pundak- in a time of war, we were attacked, things needed to be done. The fledgling country was in great danger of being overrun. But still, in today's world, that is not a good headline...

Pundak adds an interesting, unrelated, comment about former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:
Pundak, who was the governor of Gaza in the early 1970s, said that the credit that is usually given to Ariel Sharon for stopping Arab terror in Gaza in 1971 is mistaken. He said that Sharon was an unnecessarily cruel commander who once said at a meeting with officers that he would offer champagne to whoever killed an enemy fighter – and whoever brings him a wounded enemy "will drink soda."
 He said: “I told him, 'You are not my commander, I am not coming to your meetings.'”

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1 comment:

  1. I spoke with a 'Palestinian' man a few years ago in shul. Actually, he's a Jew (somewhat of a leftie in fact) who lived near Gedera before 48. He claimed that the Jews were very good friends of the Arabs in the nearby village, but one day the Jordanian officer came by to warn the Arabs about the impending scorched earth against the Jews, and to come back afterwards to get all the lands and things changed. The Jews begged the Arabs to stay, but their 'friends' packed up and left.

    The Jews felt so disappointed that they bulldozed whatever the Arabs left behind, and did not shed a tear either.


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