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Jun 23, 2013

Yeshivas Arzei Levanon Video (video)

new yeshiva ketana opening in RBS this coming school year..  hazlacha. it looks nice

Note: I know nothing more about it at this point then what is included in the video

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  1. Very nice. But what does it do in terms of fulfilling Chazal's ruling that a parent must teach his child a trade? How does it set the boys on a path to getting a job and being economically self-sufficient?

    1. I didn't watch the entire video, but one thing they mentioned is guiding the students in presenting in front of the school. Developing presentation skills is no less important that math or science (this is coming from someone with a degree in engineering), and which is currently not part of the holy core curriculum.

    2. I agree. In my high school (the very haredi litvishe yeshiva called Telshe Yeshiva), as part of our general studies, we had various public speaking and debating classes.

      That doesnt mean it replaces general studies, but it is important in its own right, as part of or separate from, general studies.

  2. if they are modeling themselves after that yeshiva in Monsey, my guess is that that yeshiva in Monsey must have general studies as well (just a guess but pretty confident since almost all schools, even most of the the most charedi, in the US have general studies), so I would guess that the local version would copy it completely.. but thats just a guess.

    If not, i do not see why one can waste time from learning Torah for acrobatics and saxophone but not for math...

  3. It's not opening this coming school year, but the next.

  4. I don't get it. Who is this school for? Rav Malinowitz described the boys in the Monsey yeshiva as being "very normal" and the yeshiva being regular but unusual.
    Is this new yeshiva for regular boys who can learn on a high level? If so, why can't they go to yeshiva k'tana or, if they want limudei chol and a chance to sing and play ball, a place like Maarava, Nehora, or the Mesivta Beit Shemesh?
    If the boys in the new yeshiva are busy cooking, doing acrobatics, playing guitar and singing, they will be doing less learning - in both Torah and math.
    There's a place in life for piano lessons, but this school seems to be heavy on it - they described boys who can't sit for a 2 hour shiur and need half an hour instead....sounds to me like this is for boys with some learning issues -- so why don't they come straight out and say it?
    There is a real need in this community for boys who have learning disabilities etc. to learn Torah, get basic math and English, and also get to do fun stuff to take the pressure off...a lot of parents want a Maarava style yeshiva for the boys who are not strong in learning, so they can continue learning Torah and get basic limudei chol for future parnossa....even if their kid is not a strong student.

  5. It's meant for boys who can't learn in a typical yeshiva ketana or a Maarava style high school.
    here's a link describing the yeshiva in Monsey:
    It's quite strange that both Rabbis Malinowitz and Sussman don't make any mention of the fact that this is designed for weak learners. It's also sad that they don't plan on providing professional special education or secular studies, which these boys need more than guitar playing and ceramics. Of course, they do secular studies in Shaarei Arazim in Monsey- the test schedule for this summer includes Regents tests in Biology, English, U.S. History, Global Science, Earth Science, Geometry and Algebra -(you can find it on their website: https://shaareiarazim.com/about.php ). You can also see pictures there of the boys- many of them in (gasp!!) blue shirts. BTW, tuition is $20,000 per kid and do not give any tuition breaks. Who can pay even half that here?

  6. maybe here they will have it as well (even though it is not mentioned in the video)..

    I cant believe they will expect anyone to pay that price of tuition. I am sure it will be adjusted to more locally acceptable prices.

    they probab;y just dont want to label it as a special ed school. Lots of yeshivas here sell themselves as being the best and for the best kids. There are also schools for the failures and dropouts. they kind of leave the B and C students hanging. This sounds like it could be a good place for that type of a kid.

  7. What is really a shame is that there are already two local yeshivas that try to help students with learning disabilities/learning issues: Nachlas and Chemdas, which both have a more relaxed, less pressured learning program. Unfortunately, due to local charedi opposition (and despite parents' preference for chinuch), they do not teach limudei chol. Why don't the rabbis send funding to these two places to enable the students to have music/art etc. instead of competing with them by opening a third place?

  8. "I cant believe they will expect anyone to pay that price of tuition. I am sure it will be adjusted to more locally acceptable prices."

    Of course they won't charge that. They will turn to the already burdened community and ask for more funding.

  9. They will be having Math, English Language, Computers, Agriculture, etc according to their brochure

  10. But those are electives, not part of the standard curriculum. It seems to be very different from the Monsey school.


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