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Jun 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

We do not think that a large and respected company like Google, that deals in the field of technology, needs to become a field for decisions of policy. 
The Israeli position is known, a Palestinian country, if it should be established, will be a result of direct negotiations with the Palestinians. This is something anchored in the Oslo Accords with a commitment by the Palestinians to not take unilateral steps. That is why we see in a negative light any wavering from that. Unilateral moves distance us from the desired result, and only through dialog can we bring about change. As long as a unilateral option is on the table, the Palestinian Authority will refrain from entering direct negotiations. Therefore we have asked Google to reconsider its decision.

  -- Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin

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  1. what decision?

  2. they changed the listing on areas of the West Bank from saying Google Israel to saying Google Palestine


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