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Jun 25, 2013

PSA: Tonight - MK Moshe Feiglin presenting his solution to the army draft in RBS

Maybe you have heard him talk about his solution already, or maybe you are not familiar with it... it will be interesting to hear MK Feiglin present his solution to the army draft (aka shivyon bnetel) and give you plenty of food for thought for the breaking of the fast...

TONIGHT - Be Part of Something Much Bigger...

The IDF forced draft is the cause for so much "Sinat Chinam" between
different sectors of Israeli society.

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK MOSHE FEIGLIN has a solution, and he’ll be
presenting it here, in ENGLISH!

TONIGHT, AFTER the fast is over. No weddings or s'machot.

Video - 8:45
MK Feiglin speaking - 9:20
Where: BTYA Social Hall
Followed by Q&A (Hebrew and English)

No Reservations or payment required for this part of the program.

For men and women. Separate seating available.


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