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Jun 23, 2013

Interesting Posts #500

1. As mentioned previously, I love the creativity in Kickstarter, and many of the projects that are trying to be funded through it. Here is one that I love the video and description, but don't understand why they expect people to fund them - the Flying Falafel food truck. Somebody who wants falafel can go out and buy a falafel. Why fund a truck for someone to open another falafel stand? On the other hand, a project like Mianzi Fashion is both practical and an amazing solution to a very serious and important need and by supporting it one helps both the fashion world and the special needs community. as of this writing, the Mianzi project is 70% funded...

2. whose responsibility?

3. a mulberry story

4. chameleon soldiers

5. ordinary Orthodox Jews being extraordinary

6. #tomorrow13 - the missing demographic

7. best Palestinian government account

8. the wascally wabr

9. the annual Tel Aviv water fight is coming up...

10. when is an apology not an apology?

11. branding secrets from Google and Aish

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  1. I'd like to fund the Mianzi one, but do not want to register with kickstarter.

  2. if you have a facebook account you can login with that rather than register with kickstarter

  3. I posted a response to Slifkin's "apology" post. So far, he hasn't allowed it on his comment thread: http://yamakedma.blogspot.co.il/2013/06/rosenblum-apologized-deal-with-it-and.html


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