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Jun 16, 2013

The casualties of Formula One and a nice story

Formula One had some casualties as well as all the fun and excitement it generated... People's lives, specifically residents of Jerusalem, were disrupted with roads closed and the inability to cross certain parts of town. In some places you could not even cross the street - understandably so as not to get run over by a race car going too fast to stop in time.... I stood in a sunny spot because when I was there the shade was on the other side of the street, but standing on the other side would have prevented me from leaving when knew I would have to...

Channel 2 News reported on the story of a wedding that was being disrupted by Formula One. So much so that the bride and groom, the chattan and kallah, could not get to the wedding hall.

the wedding was booked long before bringing Formula One to Jerusalem was a twinkle in anyone's eye.. or at least before anything was publicized or finalized... and the wedding hall was located right along the track of Formula One - on the corner of King David Street.

Knowing they would not be able to get to the hall, they turned to the police who found a solution. The road performance would be stopped for a period of time, during which the police would drive the chattan and kallah to the wedding hall on police motorcycles.

I guess at least the bride and groom were able to be there. I don't know if the police helped the guests arrive, along with family members and the officiating rabbi or other people who needed to be there - caterer, photographer, musicians, etc.

And once this was being worked out, a police motorcycle is not all that exciting - they should have had Chris Pfeiffer give them a ride...

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  1. Not to mention the elderly and infirm residents of the route, who were made prisoners in their own homes for those 2 days. Unable to go out or have anyone come to them.

    It's one thing to have F1 racing through town when the entire state is the size of a village. In a country like Israel, there are far more suitable locations than central Jerusalem!


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