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Jun 20, 2013

Proposed Law: illegal to ban or be hostile to Haredim

5 weeks ago MK Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) announced that he was preparing to propose a law that would make it illegal to ban haredim.

Today MK Litzman formally submitted his law proposal. According to the proposed law, it would be illegal to ban haredim, or to express hostility to them, for any reason. The punishment for someone who does, according to Litzman's proposal, would be 10 years in prison. And, any results gained by such a crime would be reversed.
(source: NRG)

While I agree haredim should not be banned, just like other groups should not be banned, I find it strange to submit a law against banning just haredim. It should be illegal to ban anybody, or it should be legal to ban anybody - one way or the other. The haredi community is not unique in this regard. Don't ban haredim, don't ban women, don't ban Ethiopians, don't ban Russians, don't ban Conservative Jews, don't ban Reform Jews, don't ban yeshiva students, don't ban university students, don't ban Ashkenazim, don't ban Sephardim, don't ban Settlers, don't ban people who dodged IDF service, don't ban people who served in the IDF, don't ban immigrants, don't ban the elderly, etc. Make the crime equal for all of them and make the punishment the same for all.

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  1. The trauma from WWII is still prevalent.

  2. Does that mean when Haredim ban other groups of Haredim we send them to jail for 10 years?

  3. this comes under "we can't think of anything/we're too stuck in our ways/we haven't had a creative idea for months."

    litzman recently proposed a bill that would have made the status quo the law and that one got shot down just like this one will.

    rosenblum just wrote an article about how two media savvy young women are conducting a campaign against the women of the wall. this campaign is much more (understatement) effective than what he had been doing for years.

    maybe litzman should take a lesson. he seemed to be a good administrator but as an opposition MK, he has what to learn.

  4. This is nuts. What next, a law banning excluding Arab parties, left parties, right parties, Ziyoni parties, etc. In fact why not just ban any coalition without 120 Knesset votes. The Israeli system is already dysfunctional because the the contingencies of 61 votes. The US is paralyzed because of the (changeable) 60 vote senate requirement to cut off filibusters.

    Besides being impractical this demonstrates a childish mentality: we will make such onerous demands that no one wants us and then we will demand to be included nevertheless.

    They never loiyn!

  5. This is a great law. If passed the current government would have to include hateful and netenyahu would go to jail for 10 years. Lol


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