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Jun 24, 2013

Tzedaka for a friend

Jason Swirsky is a friend who lives in RBS. His wife passed away at a young age, and since then he has been raising his daughter Chana on his own - surely a difficult enough task for any person. He has recently found out that while in preparation for his wife's funeral an accident happened in his home that could cost him, and there is a campaign to help defray the costs...

I want to start by thanking everyone who has helped me since Rachel has
passed away. Your love and support has taken me through some pretty
rough times and I truly appreciate everything you all have done.

Within a short period of time Rachel passing away, there was a whole
bunch of people in my apartment helping in whatever way the could.  I
was still dealing with the police, funeral arrangements, notifying
Channah and preparing the apartment for the Shiva. To help out a private
cleaner was hired for they day. At some point she slipped and fell
damaging her teeth.  She has been seeking payment for damages.

Rabbi Myers, Devorah Strauss & Lorien Balofsky have been working really
hard to try to avoid this from even finding out. They tried their best
to avoid it from becoming my problem. They have worked out a settlement
with her that will negate any future claims of liability. The Rabbi,
Devorah and Lorien are trying to avoid having me pay for the damages
incurred. They are seeking assistance to help defray the costs and make
this problem disappear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rabbi
Myers has paskened that meiser money can be used for this cause. Any
additional funds will go to Tzedakah in Rachel's memory.


Thank You
Jason Swirsky

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