Apr 5, 2021

foreign students to be allowed in to Israel

According to YWN, it has been worked out via the efforts of Rabbi Nechamya Malinowitz of "the Igud" to allow all foreign students into Israel. This will include yeshiva bochurim, kollel avreichim with their wives and children and other single students. Also, this will include both returning students and new students who were not in Israel before.

Foreigners have not been let into Israel for several months already, so this is big news that there is an agreement to let these non-Israelis into Israel to study.

The allowance will, obviously, be dependent on Covid-19 testing and maybe other requirements (of quarantine and whatnot).

That is a big win.

As an aside, there is an anglo oleh protest being formed against the government for still not allowing non-Israelis to enter Israel. Many family members have been unable to come to Israel to be with their children getting married, to be at funerals of relatives, at the birth of grandchildren along with bris or to be there to help the birthing mother, to be with siblings and children who have needed them in difficult and joyous times. While the country continues to open up, this issue seems to be stagnant with nobody in power talking about the possibility of loosening the restrictions and letting these family members in.

My thought it, why can't parents and siblings who want to come for a birth or wedding or funeral or whatever just call themselves students, register in a yeshiva, kollel or educational program for a bit, and come to Israel for their affairs and then leave when ready?

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1 comment:

  1. Because they are more transient. Students presumably stay longer and are easier to control from a epidemiological point of view.


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