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May 12, 2021

the Tiktokifada destroyed coexistence

I honestly do not get what all this sudden violence, rioting, and rockets from Gaza is all about. I do not understand if they are connected or just a confluence of events with bad timing. Obviously, occupation and all that, but it was relatively quiet for a fairly significant amount of time and suddenly it exploded into a conflagration the likes of which we have not seen in a really long time.

It started with several violent acts of Arabs slapping and hitting Jews and posting the videos to Tik Tok. Hence I am calling it the Tiktokifada. From that it went to the violence in Jerusalem with the Sheikh Jarrah dispute. From there to Har Habayit rioting and whatnot. Somewhere in there Ramadan was blamed for an uptick in violence. And then it went to rioting in mixed towns around Israel, and on roads near Arab towns, and nearly at the same time barrages of rockets from Gaza on Israeli cities was renewed.

This tiktokifada looks like it is a  hodgepodge of different causes and different acts of violence. Some people think there is a direct line from one to the other, starting with the Tik Tok videos and ending with the riots and rockets. Besides for general complaints about the "occupation" that don't really answer the question, I just do not understand what this tiktokifada is all about.

And I really do not know or see how many of the Israeli Arabs come out of this. Obviously not everyone, not every Israeli Arab and not every Israeli Arab town, was involved in this, and there are plenty that are as loyal citizens of the State of Israel as they can be.... but so many were involved in rioting, in attacking their Jewish neighbors and co-residents in towns and cities all around Israel. Decades of building up trust and coexistence all destroyed in 1-2 days. When all this calms down and life gets back to some form of normal, how do we get back to that coexistence? How will Jewish and Arab neighbors trust each other and be willing to live side by side again? It could take decades to get back to where we were just a few days ago...

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