Dec 6, 2021

first they have to try

The courts in Jerusalem yesterday responded to a petition regarding the defacing of images of women on signs in the public sphere. The courts said that the City of Jerusalem must coordinate and meeting with representatives of the police and come up with an organized plan to fight this phenomenon, and hire new workers within 3 months to be ready to respond to such calls in real time.

Interestingly, the judge, Shirley Renner, said that it is inconceivable that people who break the law will be the ones left to administer the public sphere. 

The City of Jerusalem responded that they have plans for 2022 to expand the network of security cameras across the entire city. These cameras will help them with enforcement of various crimes, along with increasing the sense of security and safety. They will also set budgets and resources for establishing a unit responsible for these cameras and enforcement, in coordination with the relevant security forces.
source: Ynet

Will it help? Who knows? First they have to even try. This is a crime that is very difficult to enforce and to catch the perpetrators. So first they have to try. And if the cameras help them see who is doing it, at least in most cases, they still have to identify the people involved and then fine them and use even harsher punishments for deterrence if the fines dont help. But first they have to try. So far authorities have not really even tried to solve this.

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