Dec 6, 2021

mailing it in

So, according to an article in TOI, people mailed in samples of their poop for analysis and the research discovered that tweaking the bacteria in anyone's poop could turn them into a morning person. 

I feel bad for the mailman.

And who got the job for receiving these packages and opening/preparing them for the scientists to do their research?

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  1. This is done in laboratories all the time, looking for germs, blood etc. A digital rectal exam by a physician is not much different.

  2. The clinic I worked at in law school shared a space with the Innocence Project, which uses DNA to get people out of jail. I remember one student on the phone once: "Oh, no, sir, don't send that *here*! We're just a law school! You need to send it to a *lab*!"


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