Dec 29, 2009

As if the US is any better...

Here's a good one.

The United States State Department has issued travel warnings for those considering traveling to Israel.

The warning includes to be careful on the roads, as Israeli drivers are dangerous. Crime is a problem, as well as an increase in pickpocketing. Oh yeah, the last one, eople might have to undergo extensive security checks getting in and out of the country. During these security checks, cameras, computers, etc might be confiscated, though usually they are given back. (source: Ynet)

I would like to see the Israel Foreign ministry offer a recipractory travel warnign for israelis traveling to and within the United States. The Israeli warning would also mention crime as being a major issue. Dangerous driving would be mentioned for those going to certain places like New York (among other places as well). Oh yeah, and security checks when traveling. the US regulations do not make it easy getting onto an airplane. During these extensive security checks, all your belongings on your body might be confiscated - anything from a tweezers and a can of coke and a baby bottle, up to laptops and cameras.


  1. I posted on this last night, er, morning, here.

  2. You think that's bad? Well read this.

  3. wanna - hilarious. so how would you reword the advisory? avoid driving near consulate cars? avoid driving near the consulate (it didnt happen near the consulate)?


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