Dec 29, 2009

violent protests, take two

Uh oh. Overnight the police arrested a Toldos Aharon askan for "his partixipation in the hafgana the other day. They arrested a number of people who they caught throwing stones, and while he claims to be innocent, they arrested him.

Of course he claims to be innocent, was just passing by and stopped out of curiosity. He did not throw any rocks or make any trouble during the short amount of time he was there.

We all know what happens when one of theirs gets arrested. Think back to the mother with the kid in the hospital (a.k.a the "Starving Mother"). Are we in for more violent protests? I hope not.


  1. It doesnt happen when "one of them" gets arrested.

    It happens when there is a blood libel (Wallis) or unfair treatment (the pregnant woman).

    If there would be protests every time a TA guy was in jail, this country would be turned upside down (though, were that to happen, maybe it would start to look normal, since in many many ways its already upside down :)

  2. he claims he is innocent. they can easily make it into a blood libel.


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