Dec 30, 2009

Interesting Posts #118

1. Here is a blog that is unusual - the author is writing events as if from the perspective of Mashiach's Wife. Here is a post she writes about groveling before the goyim.

2. Going Home to Yerushalayim writes about the son of Dan, and the Abir tradition.

3. A Guest Post on Haemtza by Rabbi Ginzburg on the topic of daas torah and daas baalebatim

4. Kvetching Editor asks if a born Jew can be a "Jew by Choice".

5. A Jewish athlete, former NFL player and longtime wrestler, has been inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Didnt know we Jews were so good at these sports...

6. Muqata posts a strange story of a wedding that was saved by a shawarma.. and speaking of weddings and marriage, he also has a post about how aliyah is like marriage...

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