Dec 21, 2009

A heavenly sent snow storm

There was a nude, or perhaps scantily clad, protest scheduled to happen in Williamsburg on Friday night - bikers were protesting the removal of a bike lane.

The bikers think that it was removed by the mayor after pressure, and a political deal, from the Satmar hassidim, so that women in untzniyus biking gear would not ride through their neighborhood. the satmar defend their opposition to the bike lane by saying it was a safety issue - something about kids, trucks, school zones, bike lanes being crossed, etc.

The protest did not happen, at least not in the nude, because of a heavy snowstorm and below freezing temperatures, that made it impossible. Way too cold to let it all hang out, even in protest of something important.

So, was the storm heavenly sent, divinely inspired, to protect the hassidim form the nude protesters?

Obviously it can be rescheduled for a warmer day, but in the meantime, was the message heavenly sent?


  1. that's funny, i saw that and thought exactly the same thing!

  2. Snow? In New York? In December?

    To weird to be explained by anything else - it must have been sent to protect the sensibilities of Brooklyn Jews.

    Of course, one could also say that the existance, after 1900 years of exile, of a government in Eretz Yisrael which grants automatic citizenship to Jews was heavenly sent, but that would be going too far. Much safer to say that snow in December in NY is a divine sign, since it's something which breaks from the natural order. (Everyone knows real snows don't start in NY until January - this one's a week and a halk early!)

    An alternative explanation for the snow is that the community as a whole made a huge contribution to Kupat Ha'ir.


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