Dec 15, 2009

Tzipi Livni actually did something I guess

Even though I don't like Tzipi Livni, I am against the possibility of the UK putting out a warrant for her, or any other Israeli official, arrest due to war crimes.

What is ironic is that we say that she did nothing and was basically a figurehead in the government at the time, while the Palestinian groups, and the UK seems to support that, consider her possibly guilty of war crimes. Maybe just by being Foreign Minister at the time, even if she did absolutely nothing, is enough to include her in that.

Israel's response is also funny - we have threatened the UK that if they continue issuing arrest warrants against Israeli officials they will end up being excluded from the loop of influence in the peace process. After all, if Israelis cannot travel to the UK for such meetings, the UK can hardly expect to have influence.

This is funny to me, because if I was the UK I would look at this as an opportunity to wash my hands of any responsibility. Those crazies in the Middle East will never have peace anyway. what do I need this for! They have given us enough of a headache all these years. Finally a way out!

Truth is I don't see why England has a right to get involved in trying anybody from other countries for war crimes. Not just because of England's long history with war and conquering other nations, but just because what does England have to do with it? Who are they to try anyone for this? Maybe the UN, or the World Court, but why any particular country such as England? Just because they give themselves that right? Can I give myself the right to arrest anybody in particular and put them on trial?

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