Dec 27, 2009

differing perspectives

I always find it interesting how 2 different papers can report the same story completely different from each other.

NOTE: I have no idea which, if either, of the 2 reports I am about to describe were accurate. I don't know any more specific details other than what I read in the 2 papers.

During this past week, Bet Shemesh was graced by a visit from two ministers - Yisrael Katz and Eli Yishai. A large part of the agenda for the meeting was to discuss the issue of the highway being redesigned, along with the future of Bet Shemesh in general.

Motti Cohen is a city councilman who has become a very loud opposition to the mayor. he originally supported Abutbol, but because of the construction of RBS C issue, he felt betrayed and lied to, dropped out of the coalition and his party and joined the opposition and has basically led the fight against the construction. It seems he was very loud during the ministers' visit and kept telling them off, specifically Yishai as he runs the Shas parent party, about how Abutbol is ruining the city.

At some point they left the building and went to Yishai's car to talk further. In the car ended up Eli Yishai, Moshe Abutbol and Motti Cohen.

How that happened - depends on which paper you believe.

Every newspaper in the world has its own bias and slanted reporting. There is nothing objective about any newspaper. The same is true with the local papers in bet Shemesh.

One newspaper, a paper that is very slanted against the mayor and against the construction, reported that Yishai was very disturbed by all he was hearing from Cohen, he even told off Abutbol for it, and invited Abutbol and Cohen to the car to talk in quieter tones.

The second newspaper, a paper that is very slanted in favor of the mayor and construction, reported the story that Yishai invited the mayor to his car to talk and ride with him, and Cohen invaded - he just jumped right in, to their surprise, and didn't allow them any privacy to talk.

Which is true? Believe whichever you want. I just find it interesting how 2 papers can report the same exact story in 2 completely different ways.

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