Dec 30, 2009

Yated upset over haredi-secular website

Among the fallout of the ban on haredi websites was the management of the popular haredi forum website, Bechadrei Chareidim. While the site decided to stay open despite the ban, the haredi managers resigned and turned it over to management by a secular fellow.

There was a big write-up in Maariv about the secular guy who is running a popular forum for haredim. In yesterday's Yated Neeman they decry the fact that a chiloni is running a haredi site. They mention it as proof of sorts how necessary such a ban is -

This one really makes me scratch my head. Do they not realize that this situation of a chiloni running a website for haredim is their own fault? They pressured the haredi managers to resign, and now they are complaining that chilonim are filling the void?

My response to the Yated, despite the absurdity of the complaint considering they pushed for this to happen, is that it should no longer be considered a haredi website, but should be considered a "plain" or "secular" website that just happens to have a lot of haredi (among other) people browsing to it and participating in its forums. Stop kvetching about it, as it is no longer an issue relevant to the ban. You were successful - the haredi website Bechadrei no longer exists. In its place a secular Bechadrei was formed that happens to be popular with haredi internet surfers. That has nothing to do with you anymore, as it is no longer a haredi site.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. They are quick to point out the other businesses this secular guy is involved in. He has some other websites that, to say the least, are not befitting a haredi lifestyle, and they claim in the Yated article that how can such a person involved in such disreputable businesses be a manager of a haredi site.

While they are quick to attack him for his other businesses, I have yet to see them attack a certain haredi Rav, someone who claimed to be a close talmid of Rav Elyashiv, who had a main business involving the haredi public (he ran a yeshiva along with a haredi organization for geirus), yet also was exposed as having been running a secondary business that was, to say the least, one promoting things that are not befitting a haredi lifestyle.

Only chilonim can be called out for such things, and not haredim?

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  1. You thought that this had something to with principle and are therefore trying to show that they are being illogical?

    It's about money.
    Nothing else.
    The charedi print media, like all print media, is losing advertising dollars, as readers increasingly forgo print media and turn to the Net.


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