Dec 29, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

I differentiate between my haredi coalition partners, with whom we have developed very healthy relations, working with integrity, transparency and common understanding, and between those of the Eida Haredis. I wasn't familiar with the Eida until my election, and I have not gotten familiar with them since the election. So, when I say we work with transparency, my intention is referring to with those whom I work with and am in contact with on a daily basis... Part of the cause of the protesting is because they have not been part of the decision making process. There is no reason for that other than I have not gotten to know them enough.

--- Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat


  1. i would like your comments on this quote. mine are as follows:
    I find it interesting that Barkat is so diplomatic. I would have expected a more negative response and prejudice against them. However, he seems to be saying that he would like to not only find solutions to the problems but also form a relationship for going forward.
    What do you think? admittedly, i dont follow the news as much as you.

  2. it is very diplomatic of him. I would have expected him to call them out for their violence. Instead of keeping the tone of the fight high, he seems to be trying to dial it down.

  3. I think he's also giving them a chance to show their true colors - i.e. that they are only interested in a fight.

  4. Barkat has apparently a good relationship with deputy mayor Pindrus, maybe with others too. But it wont help because the mainstream haredim will never criticize the Eidah. Even though the mainstream has all the Gedolim on their side, they are intimated by the Eidah because they consider them as more authentic. They are apologetical and essentially saying that the Eidah way is the ideal way, but what can they do, they need to ensure the survival of the Torah world and take money from the state.
    The Eidah shall always have a free ride.


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