Dec 28, 2009

Interesting Posts #116

1. Haveil Havalim #249 is up at I'll Call Baila

2. Our Shiputzim had an interesting post about being a Religious Zionist, and a very commonly heard excuse for not making aliya..

3. Pictures and video from a protest about not being allowed up on Har HaBayit on Hannukah at Mateh Olami...

4. Al Tishali Oti has the story of an autistic kid who wandered off and where they found him...

5. Circus Tent explains why the recent Mishpacha article about Rav Soloveitchik and Rav Schachter upset some people...


  1. So you didn't think that was a great description of the Brisker Derech?

    Joel Rich

  2. my glorious moment of fame shines brighter by the fact that so many people take your "interesting" opinion seriously and click.

  3. there are so many opinions out there of the Brisker Derech that I have no idea, nor do I try to eigh in on the subject. I was never really a student of Brisk and the argument never really interested me much, as if it makes a difference to anybody who is more true to the holy derech.


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