Dec 9, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

In every generation there are those who stand up to destroy us, and in all the countries they stood against the Torah laws. But that Jews should make such noise? This is happening specifically now, right beofre the coming of Mashiach, and is part of the birth pains of mashiach.... What is this hypocrisy? It is as if they are saying the Justice Minister has a large key... and is going to immediately shut down all the courts....Tomorrow they will say it is prohibited to express belief in the coming of the Mashiach. Minister Neeman, like every other religious Jew davens at least three times a day "to bring back the judges like they used to be" - it is nothing new and everybody knows it... We did not force anyone to go to the din torah, but they should be democratic and allow it for anyone who wants to be judged in such courts...

---- Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar

1 comment:

  1. (Rafi not G)
    1. I entirely agree that this whole business has been totally out of proportion.
    2. That there are people with an agenda who have locked onto a distorted understanding of what Yaakov Neeman meant.
    3. That the option to go to arbitration instead of court is a great idea

    ...I do not think that it is a democratic right to choose what court your case will be heard in.

    ...and in any case this is irrelevant because what Kvod HaSar is proposing is to re-engineer civil law to be based on "Mishpat Ivri" aka. the Torah, rather than Roman, Ottoman and British law, not the right to go to arbitration where you want.


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