Dec 17, 2009

Dmitriy Salita interviews on his recent trip to Israel (video)


  1. We have a right to watch Dmitriy's ring entrance, why is it censered by english television?

  2. I liked his answer to the question of the apparent conflict between boxing and being a religious Jew. He said considering where he's coming from, where boxing predated his becoming shomer mitzvos, it is what it is. But for an FFB to suddenly take up boxing, that would be a descent. I buy that.

  3. Aren't there halachic problems with boxing? Is one allowed to inflict pain on others, and allow them to do it to you, if this is ones parnasa? If there are halachic problems, then how does the fact he's a BT change anything? Haven't women singers given up their parnasa due to kol isha issues?


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