Dec 29, 2009

Interesting Posts #117

1. The Rebbetzins Husband lists some reasons, some very good ones (by good I mean the kind that are funny), why it is better to daven from a siddur than from memory...

2. Tzedek-Tzedek comments on Jonathan Rosenblum's recent article about Tiger Wood's indiscretions.

3. In a post that will interest bloggers more than readers, Jacob Da Jew muses about the death of the blogroll..

4. The Way to No-Thing has 2 interesting posts worth considering. One is about Gilad Shalit's status as a prisoner of war, and Hamas' treatment of him. The second is about the haredi protests against Intel, and how spitting has been used and how it should be countered.

5. Holy Exposures details the new travel restrictions and the absurdity of them.

6. Frum n Flipped shows there is surprising diversity even among haredi and Bais Yaakov girls...

7. Geshmack Torah has a nice vort on the parsha about looking at other peoples faults...

8. Tikun Olam is a foster mom. She posts about fostering, from the perspective of the kids.

9. For all those upset that there has not been any real criticism of Tropper and EJF, this one's for you. The Aguda blog, Cross-Currents has a piece by Rabbi Adlerstein in which he does just that. Well worth a read.

10. Hamavdil on the Pope's beatification of Pope Pius.


  1. David Morris (Tzedek-Tzedek) vs Jonathan Rosenblum is always interesting - thanks for the link!
    (Has anyone sent it to JR for his response??).


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