Dec 15, 2009

circular dreidels

Why do all the stores sell various types of spinning tops with Hannukah themes around Hannukah time?

These tops have nothing to do with the dreidel. You cannot play dreidel with a circular top that has no sides to land on, nor can you play dreidel with a top that has no letters.

So how did playing dreidel on Hannukah become a marketing position for selling random tops that look nothing like dreidels?

In the US I can understand, where you have lots of people who have nothing to do with Hannukah specifically (Jews and non-Jews) who might play with such tops rather than a dreidel. But in Israel, where even the non-religious Jews celebrate Hannukah (for the most part at least) , what is up with these tops?

1 comment:

  1. How else would they even sell tops in Israel?
    I'm sure some American who made aliyah brought a lift full of them and is hoping to make a living by selling them.


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