Dec 22, 2009

The old people who found the Auschwitz sign

I saw something amazing in the paper today. I don't know how much of it is exaggerated or assumed and how much is true, but if true it is amazing.

The famous sign at the entrance to Auschwitz, saying Arbit Macht Frei, was stolen a few days ago. The Polish authorities conducted an intensive search looking for it, and offered a reward.

A couple days ago, an organization of holocaust survivors announced that 4 of the survivors in the organization were going to go to Poland help look for the sign, even though they have never been back since the Holocaust and it would be very difficult for them emotionally. They simply felt shocked by the theft and had to do what they could to help get the sign back.

Today in the paper, after the sign has been found, was an article saying how they located the sign in northern Poland, cut into 3 parts. These 4 Holocaust survivors from Israel had arrived and hired a private detective and they got on the case. While the police were looking for it, they and the detective followed their own leads and actually located the thieves and the sign. they gave the police their info, and the police then swooped in and made the arrests, recovering the sign.

I don't know how much influence on the search they actually had - maybe the police already had that info, maybe not, maybe they cracked the whole case, maybe not.

I just want to say Kol Hakavod to them. They felt the need to go do something - and they did it. And they were effective.

At first, when I saw they were planning to go I snickered and said what are these old people going to be able to find out that the police cannot on their own. Why do they think they can be of any help. Turns out they could, and they were. Don't disbelieve in the power of determination.

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  1. Of course, the other possibility is that anyone could've followed these leads, and the Polish authorities were simply not qualified to.

    Never disbelieve the ineptness of the Polish police.


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