Dec 27, 2009

Let the building begin!

the courts have rejected the petition submitted by the Bet Shemesh Opposition regarding the construction in RBS C. The only details publicized so far, and maybe that is all there is, is that the courts have decided the tenders should go on and the closing date was set as January 5, 2010. There can be no limitations and the whole area is open to everyone.

As mentioned many times in the past, this conclusion was pretty much the only one the courts could come to. Anything else, other than working out a compromise of course, would be illegal and racist (?), and that is something the courts could not do, especially based on plenty of previous court decisions allowing Arabs to buy land in jewish areas.



  1. Time to plant some kevorim. I'm a Kohen, anyone up to it?

  2. Menachem - any graves that will be found, i assure you they will be dealt with quietly and will not be allowed to throw anything off track.

    the only chance you have is marketing. really two sides of the coin with marketing.

    The tender is open to everyone equally. Market it to around old Bet Shemesh and other communities you wish to attract. You have as much a right to buy there as anyone else.

    the second side is that you can hope for the prices to be too high, as I think they will be, to make it a viable solution for young haredi couples. It won't stop haredim from buying there, but it will not be a mass purchase of the whole thing.

  3. How about we plant some dinosaur bones? That would be a double whammy!

    Any chance the environmentalists still have a chance?

  4. ML, you sound like quite the zealot. Perhaps you are a descendant of Pinechas Ben Elazar Hacohen.

  5. Wow... ML - if I expressed your views in full and changed DL for chareidi, would I be a racist?

  6. Excuse me. Did I use the word "chareidi" once? Methinks the "ladies" doth protesteth too much. Do some introspection and get back to me on that.

    Actually what this whole process has made clear to me is that Beit Shemesh doesn't need a "C" right now; not chareidi, DL, nor Vietnamese. Our services and infrastructure are simply not up to the task of absorbing another 10k people. This is not Modiin. The previous administration did virtually no urban planning and result is the physical disaster that is Beit Shemesh.

    I know it's a pipe dream, but it would be great if we had a few years to catch up, to fix what we have, and to learn to live together. Frankly, I don't think the current mayor is up to the task either. So at least maybe we could get to another election without having the scales wildly tipped in one direction.

  7. Menachen,

    I completely agree with your assessment. When driving through Modi'in, one cannot help but be amazed at the urban planning in play.

  8. What happened to the Pinchas/Zimri post regarding the Chareidi Internet ban?

  9. tomorrow. right after I posted that (I had written it earlier and scheduled it), this happened. I preferred this to go up today, as that one could wait until tomorrow

  10. Thanks Rafi.

    I had known about this and was waiting for someone to write about this.

    I should blog, but no one's interested. :)

  11. give it a shot. as many people will be interested as they are in any others, this one included... :-)


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