Dec 21, 2009

Life and Death

Seven people are sitting and making a "Life and Death" decision. I am happy that this decision, with such a great level of responsibilty - to the Shalit family and Gilad, and to the State and its citizens, is not mine to make.


  1. Everyone says the choice is either trade terrorists for Shalit or let him die. Why does everyone ignore the best choice? We should go in like any civilized nation would and take him back.

  2. Seth, that's the gut feeling of most nationalists, including me. However, intellectually, we have to understand that the incursion to "take him back" will very likely cost soldiers lives, and that is also trading one persons life for another*. It's a very tough decision.


    * Though in my opinion also garners respect, both self-respect (of which most current politicians have precious little) and world stage respect. Question is, how much is that respect worth?

  3. I have acquaintences both in the IDF and the knesset, and the message I've been getting for a long time now, is they know exactly where he is; down to which room he's in; but it is so booby trapped that there is no way they can get near. Gilad would definitely be killed in such a move, as would many other soldiers.


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