Dec 29, 2009

What was he thinking?

This is really strange.

Somebody was riding a moped in Jerusalem with his 2 year old child. The kid had no helmet and was standing in the "floor" of the moped. I assume he was not driving fast.

A cop saw and stopped the guy. The guy pulls over his moped and takes off his helmet. He then took the kid off the moped and put him on the sidewalk, and before the cop could give him his ticket, he sped off on the moped.

the cop decided to stay with the kid rather than chase the moped. After a short amount of time, they identified the kid with the help of local residents who recognized him. The cop brought the kid home to his mother who refused to answer any of the cops questions about their identity, until the cop told her the story. Once she heard what happened, she helped out and gave the cop her husbands cellphone number.

They got hold of him on the phone and told him to come to the station. When they asked him what happened, he could not give an answer...

What was he thinking? When he put the kid down, did he think they would not identify him after he sped off? Was he going to just abandon the kid?


  1. the newspaper. It was in Maariv and Yisrael Hayom. and maybe others as well. havent looked for it online

  2. pple are crazy. the only rational explanation

  3. I hope to G-d this isn't the typical Israeli; what would I be coming back to...?!

  4. Sorry folks, RBS is just as guilty as this guy! Every year just before Purim, s certain local tzedaka organisation (hint-not Lemaan Achai) drives through the streets to raise money. Kids are seated on top of cars, Hatzala ambulance drivers are smoking, kids are on the back of motorcycles with no helmets and no one is wearing a seatbelt. Why is this considered OK and just "good, hramless fun" when we tut tut at the story from Meah Shearim.

  5. technical correction - the story happened in Givat Shaul.

  6. Anon,

    You just don't get it. When certain people/organizations do these things it's 100% Kosher and how dare you criticize!

    So what if kid's lives are in danger? So what if municipal vehicles are being used at tax payer's expense? So what if it is an irresponsible use of tzedaka funds to buy the balloons, posters, etc and clog up our streets?

    Don't just a few more years all of the pesky DL, Chardal and charedi lite will be gone and we will be able to do things our way in RBSA!


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