Dec 28, 2009

Man of the Year: Ariel Attias

I am no big fan of Shas, though I think they have vastly improved their image the past 2 years with some good work in the government. One good point in Shas, if I had to point to only one, though I am sure you can find more, is Ariel Attias.

I have said it before as well. Ariel Attias is a bright spot in Shas. he is great - a productive minister, a formidable force. I said so when he was Minister of Communication in Ehud Olmert's government. The guy gets to work, and he works hard. he might be th hardest working minister in the government.

I don't have a specific opinion on the various reforms he implements or the policies he brings to his ministry. I don't always understand the benefits or problems or what he is trying to do, so I can't say I always think what he does is right. but that is beside the point. Attias works hard and he puts things into motion like nobody else.

In the Communications Ministry he worked hard and brought all sorts of reforms to the office, in the realm of internet, mobile phones, competition, etc. In the Housing Ministry he has been working hard and bringing changes, working on releasing land for construction all over the country, etc.

We hear a lot from a lot of ministers in the government about all sorts of issues - usually regarding the peace process, Palestinians, terror, Jerusalem, etc. Usually things not connected to their respective offices. With Attias, you will rarely hear him talk about anything not related to his ministry. He is focused and he works hard to get the job done.

I applaud Ariel Attias and congratulate him on being chosen as The Marker's Man of the Year in the real estate market. if anybody works hard enough to deserve this, it is Ariel Attias.

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