Dec 20, 2009

Litzman and Breast Enlargement

I thought this was pretty funny.

When reading the newspaper this morning, there was an article about the debate regarding Yaakov Litzmans plan to include dental coverage for children, at the expense of other medicines in the "medicine basket". The article included a large picture of Litzman heading a discussion on the issue.

Right next to the article and image was a large ad for a center for plastic surgery offering all types of plastic surgeries, and the image was of a woman trying to decide whether to have a breast enlargement procedure.

It was one right next to the other - Litzman next to this woman trying to decide about breast enlargement, and I cracked up at the irony. It is even funnier because Litzman is not just a haredi MK and Deputy health minister, but he is a Gerrer Hassid - and they are among the most strict on tzniyus issues. I am sure he could not have been happy about the placement of his face next to that woman checking out her chest-size in the mirror...


  1. Rafi, Thank you for keeping us abreast of the latest news.

  2. I don't see the problem with this advertisement.
    In my local community there is a Charedi guy who is a cosmetic surgeon and places similar ads in the newspaper and goes on TV to promote what he is capable of achieving.

    He has a 'heter' to do this vital medical work

  3. no "problem". just funny. Litzman is the guy who refused to say "swine flu" and renamed it "mexican flu" instead. Litzman is the Gerrer Hassid who is worried about every nuance that might not be pure tzniyus. Seeing his picture next to the woman checking herself out was just funny.


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