Dec 13, 2009

The newest haredi ban is just silly

A new ban is out. The gedolim have now banned the Haredi websites.

Recent trends indicating increasing numbers of haredim using the Internet has also caused for an increasing number of websites that cater to the haredim.

The websites contain mostly news of interest in the haredi world, forums discussing every nuance and movement in the haredi world, some lashon ha'ra and gossip as well, some criticism, some explaining the haredi position, etc.

This phenomenon irks the askanim and rabbonim and they have issued a ban on such websites.

I think this ban is silly and pointless, and here is why:
  1. The gedolim in question (Ravs Elyashiv, Shteinman, Karelitz and Admorim of Belz, Tzanz and Vishnitz) have already banned the internet. Now they have to ban specific pages on the internet?
  2. The gedolim in question have already banned the internet. Whoever listens to the ban, this new ban is not relevant. For whomever does not listen o the original ban, they will also not listen to this new ban.
  3. For whomever uses the internet, what do the gedolim and askanim think will happen with this new ban? They prefer haredi internet users read not frum websites instead of frum ones? It doesn't make sense.
  4. Perhaps they are just trying to intimidate the owners of these websites to shut them down, or maybe give the rabbonim more oversight and control about what gets published and publicized. Again, this will lead to people reading other sites that are "not frum".
It looks to me to be a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater...


  1. כלל ופרט אין בכלל אלא מה שבפרט
    therefore the new ban implies that the rest of the internet is OK

  2. Thanks Anon - I accept your "psak". Now where's the remove filter program . . .

  3. Mind control. We will make sure you know what you have to know, and there is no reason to seek it anywhere else.

  4. I would imagine that the goal was to intimidate current and potential advertisers,

  5. I had a lot more respect for Charedim when they were internally consistent, even though I disagreed strongly with their hashkafa. But internal inconsistency not only loses my respect, but loses the respect of their followers as well.


  6. How does it feel to be banned by these Rabbeim?

  7. my site is not haredi, so it is not banned. It is clearly not haredi, as I have posted pictures of women....


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