Dec 11, 2009

a recipe for disaster

Yesterday we were driving up north (for the half marathon) and we stopped at a gas station to buy some food at the kiosk for breakfast on the way.

While looking around in the kiosk, I saw that they had a shelf stocking various hard alcoholic drinks - mostly vodka, but a couple bottles of Scotch as well.

What's up with that? Gas stations are selling hard liquor to people driving? To me that looks like a recipe for disaster.


  1. Last year while driving in Italy, I stopped at a roadside gas station (the kind with an entrance and exit only to the highway) for a fillup (of gasoline AND coffee!) and noticed that along with the coffee bar, there were alcoholic beverages that were being served to several people at the time (about 10pm or so). The only thing I could conclude (H"DLZ) is that the alcohol was being served to the truckers that planned on spending the night there.


  2. The fact that it was b'davka vodka doesn't answer that question for you?

    I'll bet you'd find the same in Russia.

    One more importing of their culture.


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