Dec 30, 2009

Try, try again

Here is a guy who just doesn't give up.

This guy shows up to the Rabbanut beis din and applies for a get. After looking at the case and his history, they realize that this is already his 11th divorce!

This guy has been married, and divorced (as of when this goes through) 11 times already (he has onyl 1 child despite the high number of marriages)!

he plans each marriage in advance. They write prenuptial agreements, they detail the whole separation procedure in advance in case they should get divorced, and any other details.

And the guy already told the beis din that as soon as the divorce is final, he plans to begin looking for a new wife!

At least he is fairly honest. he tells them straight out, and they plan it all together. he also explains why this happens - he told the beis din that he regrest not working his issues out with his first wife. he said that as soon as you get divorced once, you get caught in the trap of weddings and divorces, always trying again.

Here is a guy who doesn't give up! Strange - both him and all the women who are willing to marry someone with that history....


  1. The Arabs sure have it easier. :)

    BTW, I finally restarted by blog. Thanks for the push!

  2. Mordechai Y. ScherDecember 30, 2009 8:23 PM

    Really, the Rabbanut should refuse to do any more marriages for him. This is an abuse and mockery of the mitzvah and the women involved (though they must be fools to hook up with him). The guy needs psychiatric help, not another wife.


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