Dec 21, 2009

Kannoim in RBS B taking more power..

the Kannoim in RBS B have established a "Shomrim" (civilian patrol) organization with the permission of the police. It is run by the kannoim, as you can tell by the names at the bottom of the distributed flyers (see below).

I don't know if they did this because they are simply bored and this gets them involved in the action, or if it is purely to stop the rash of break-ins that have been happening int he neighborhood...

Perhaps it is good, for the residents at least, that they will be directing their energies towards catching, or at least stopping, the Arabs who have been brekaing into houses, rather than targeting the locals who don't follow their rules.

Avraham Fisher is the head of the organization and has sat in jail a number of times for his violence around the neighborhood.

What is frightening is that they are now setting themselves up to be running the neighborhood - they run the local security as of now and people will be "indebted" to them in a sense, along with their having the ability to be visibly patrolling the streets. Will they abuse their newly claimed power? Only time will tell....


  1. They should ONLY call the vaad hashmira when they see or hear something suspicious? They're not supposed to call the police anymore?

  2. Hamas in Jewish Clothing

  3. might cost youDecember 22, 2009 8:43 AM

    "they run the local security as of now and people will be "indebted" to them in a sense"


    This is the MO (ha ha) of many Charedi organziations. Provide a service to the community that will indebt them to you and cause you to overlook their true intentions.

    We all know and priase local organizations that do good work, provide "services" to the community and get our suport in spite of the fact that they are connected to kitzoni rabbonim and elements.

    Great PR on their part. One day, howver, they will have control of all aspects of our life here and things will look quite different.

  4. like I said...Hamas in Jewish clothing.

    Hamas also provides charitable services to the local community, thereby worming its way into the area...and causing pple to feel indebted to it...until its too late.


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