Jan 8, 2012

Headline Of The Day

Headline Of The Day

The Eidah and Toldos Aharon Speak Out: "We Are Under Siege by Extremists"

   --- Ami Magazine cover title

The truth is that that headline is probably the headline of the year or maybe even decade. i bought this past week's Ami magazine only because of that title headline. I just had to see how they explained that situation, ironic as it might be.

The Eidah and Toldos Aharon ARE the extremists! And they are complaining that they are under siege from extremists!

The truth is that I was impressed by how in the article they disassociated themselves from the thugs, how they explained they were not at the protests and the Gaavad didn't show up - the signs claiming he would and that the Eidah was involved were fabrications and the Eidah stayed away.

Rav Pappenheim, who recently has emerged as a reasonable voice out of that community, explained how the problems are mostly due to lack of education and understanding in the ways of the world and how their actions affect and influence others. He explained how he and others are trying to explain to some of these people how their actions affect others, and they are making inroads, and influencing people as they begin to understand more.

The only question is if explanations like these are given to the English media or to the outside press, while internally they still speak differently, similar to the way Arafat did and Abbas continues to do.


  1. Ironically, the Eidah just put out a flyer saying that Pappenheim does not speak for them.

  2. Well it's a great headline but when they say "Extremists" do they mean their own ilk or the usual secular bogeymen?

  3. from the article it is clear they were referring to those of their own ilk.

  4. Rafi,

    You've gone way too far comparing the rabbanim to Arafat.

    Think about and just be more careful.

  5. Rafi,

    In reference to this and other posts, would you consider disabling anonymous commenting on your blog? If people have something to say that they feel so strongly about that they need to click on the comment and go through the word verification, they should be able to stand by their words with their own name.

    Etana Hecht

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