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Mar 31, 2008

and in more Shefa Shuk cherem news...

...if you are not yet sick of it, Globes is reporting (the Hebrew version of the article has more details) that the manager Shef Shuk, Uri Kaminsky, has resigned. Not because of business being bad, but because his personal Rabbi, Rav Steinman, told him to resign because of the cherem.

As well, the Cmmitee for Gaurding the Shabbos (under the auspices of the gedoilim), has publicized today in the various Haredi newspapers advertisements calling ont eh public to only shop in stores that keep Shabbos, and not to buy in any of the businesses of the Alon Group, including Blue Square and Shefa Shuk.

It seems that the cherem is final, while negotiations are still under way....


  1. Rafi, I hate to say this, but these "gedolim" are SCREAMING for a new Reform movement AND for the complete and utter hatred of secular Jews toward Orthodox Jews (and I'm SURE they DON'T differentiate between Chareidi and RZ and MO and DL). This is COMPLETELY stupid. This is NOT the way to show secular Jews that non-secular Jews aren't completely nuts. This is NOT "divrei chachamim b'nachas nishma'im," and this is NOT "dracheha darchei noam." This is just ridiculous and it's going to blow up in their faces. I completely agree with the Kibbutz Ha'Dati's decision to NOT abide by this cherem. All it is a lot of strong-arming. Further, it shows a COMPLETE lack of hakaras hatov toward the owner of this chain, who sells goods at a deep discount so large families can afford food. Does anyone honestly think this is going to get him to simply roll over and capitulate? It's just going to make him REALLY angry and lash back.

  2. Rafi-

    Perhaps your wisdom can help.

    I can't tolerate cherems. No one has stopped to think what damage this will cause the hundreds (thousands?) of Jews who work for Shefa Shuk and Blue Square who will possibly be out of jobs.

    The truth is I actually want to shop in Shefa Shuk now, notonly because of the short lines but to protest cherems that hurt innocents.

    While I was there tonight (and it looked like a ghost town). The cashier was upset about the prospect of the store closing and her losing work. She couldn't understand how people could do this to Shefa Shuk after all that they did for the community and the Shefa Shel Tzedaka program,etc.

    Now my dilemma that perhaps you can help.

    I am a Lema'an Achai supporter. I make no bones about it (although I do condemn any negative comments made about Kupa here).

    After the Kupa Shel Tzedaka program began at Shefa I approached Lema'an Achai asnd asked why they didn't have such a program as well.

    I was told by Rav Leventhal that although Lema'an Achai attempted to launch a similar program they weren't given the option by Shefa Shuk.

    I asked the store manager about this and he said that it came from the corporate office.

    After much searching I reached corporate office and was told that there would be no way that Lema'an Achai would get such a program. The basic idea was that Shefa Shuk RBS is a Charedi store and therefore...

    So in essence Shefa Shuk put Lema'an Achai in a sort of cherem by contributing money to Kupa to the exclusion of Lema'an Achai.

    Perhaps Shefa Shuk are getting what they deserved.

    Should I support them to protest the cherem or should I not to show them that what goes around comes around?

  3. Dr. - I do not have any good advice for you. Sorry. I hear your dillema, but with the Dati Leumi Rabbonim also calling to join the boycott, even a Lmaan Achai supporter might consider it... You should ask your Rav.

    But I agree, the short lines are very enticing...


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