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Mar 30, 2008

Haveil Havalim #160 The Waffle edition

Haveil Havalim is the weekly roundup of the week's best posts (judged by the host of the edition from all posts submitted, so "best" might have a very varying definition) of the jblogosphere. Jack is running the show, and doing a great job of it signing up new hosts and ensuring most of us get our waffles (via Jameel). So, if you want a chance at a waffle breakfast and are willing to host an edition of HH to get that chance, be in touch with the guy who has no regrets..

I am not a very organized person, so breaking posts down into groups, as other bloggers have, is a heck of a lot of work for me. Also, there is always so much overlap in the groups that I have a hard time figuring out whether a specific post should go into the Israel group, the politics group. the Jewish group or the miscellaneous group. So instead I decided to nt use groups and just leave it all mixed up. So, enjoy your reading...

Lion of Zion discusses whether women need to have the trop printed in their siddurim...

Batya at Shiloh Musings describes how grammar is often used as a way of distorting the truth..

Come Running continues writing about the actors of Sesame Street she has met...

Yitz thinks Jews need to feel gratitude to Islam..NOT!

Ben-Yehudah gives us his 10 Agorot about the borders of Jerusalem and political barriers..

Batya, in The Eye of the Storm, urges everyone to make aliyah quickly before the dollar is completely worthless!

Schvach Yid talks about "Jews by Choice"

The anti-racist blog hangs it up and says goodbye...

Moti paints a graphic image of what he thinks will happen if Obama is elected..

Shoshana got a perspective on Judaism from an outsider, by going to shul..

Rabbi Sears, guest posting by A Simple Jew, has 2 fascinating stories of shalashudos...

Barbara brings a Purim related article about Jews in exile and how they should relate..

Among the big news this past week, one story really stood out. That would be the arrest of the leader of the group of women who wear Burqas. Many bloggers wrote about the story, myself included. Other blogger who discussed various aspects of the incident were A Mother in Israel, The Muqata, Frumhouse, Lion of Zion, and Jewlicious.

Jack, in an amazing act of self-promotion, has announced the "Second Annual Link to Jack Day".

Ben-Yehuda tells us about the Halamish brothers who will be going to jail for defending their own village from infiltrators..

Batya will be in the U.S. this summer and will be available for speaking arrangements... Be in touch with her....

Gila puts her life into perspective, 6 years ago, after having survived injury in the Mahane Yehuda suicide bombing attack. And then she puts it into more perspective today as well...

Daniel Saudners deconstructs Bible Criticism.

I take this post to mean Batya does not want to get rid of her wrinkles...

A Mother in Israel learned lessons from the Burqa story about being part of a supportive community.

Soccer Dad introduces the lightest, smallest cellphone ever - created by an Israeli company!

Yid With Lid tells Condi before her upcoming trip to the MidEast that even animals naturally protect their kids, yet Palestinians kill their kids...

Mottel had an opportunity to spend Purim on the Virginia Tech campus 9the one where the shooting massacre took place a while back in which a Jewish professor gave his life heroically while protecting his students), and took it. He posted these two posts with thoughts and pictures...

Shira wrote a bunch of posts about Purim and events that transpired in her family. She links to them here and here.

Yitzchak comments on Hassan Nasrallah recent diatribe against Israel....

Yid With Lid points out the plight of Jewish refugees who's situations have been ignored.

Robert Avrech thought of The Seven Samurai as his new granddaughter was named in shul..

Benji at What War Zone says TGIT..

The Shadchun has dating tips for all you singles out there!

The new blog opened up recently called "Jobs in Israel". If you have a job to offer, let him know, and if you are looking for a job he has postings and lists various resources you might be interested in...

Dofan Akuma asks some questions on a classic story of Rabbi Akiva

Aidel Knaidel is engaged! Mazel tov!

ProfK talks about her sentimentalism with Pesach coming up, with some of the changes of celebrating Pesach over the years..

RivkA accepts that she will always have cancer..

JoeSettler says it is reeducation time in Israel, while he reviews the recent court case of Yekutiel Ben Yaakov..

Miriam compares Judaism to a few movies...

Wanna keep track of what is going on in Jerusalem? The Big Felafel posts a few sites that will help you keep abreast of the local events...

The Jewish Worker has the numbers on the Yeshiva world in Israel..

Jameel @ The Muqata points to the OU and notices that in their recent showcase on emerging Jewish communities, not a single community in Israel was included...

Popel is distrubed the MLB is starting the season in Tokyo rather than in the USA...

The Rebbetzin's Husband explains the appeal of Jeremiah Wright

Yehudi says there is no Palestine..

A Soldier's Mother ask "Do you know where your children are"?


  1. Thanks for the hard work, a great HH!
    And don't forget that KCC is coming up, so please send in your kosher food links, Purim, Pesach, Kitniyot, Shemitta--there's lots to blog about. Not just recipes!!!

  2. I think it looks great like this. When there is too much text, it can be hard to find the links.

    When I did HH, I included everything that was submitted unless it had no connection to Judaism, or was offensive. In addition to other posts that I saw and liked.

  3. MOI - I do that as well, except when one person submits too many posts. Then I just select two of his posts randomly.
    And I always look for a bunch from bloggers who do not submit... though this week I had less time available so I looked around less.

  4. Good show! One correction, though:

    "Shifra wrote a bunch of posts about Purim and events that transpired in her family."

    Please correct the name--my blogger name is Shira. Thanks.

  5. sorry Shira... typo is fixed now...

  6. Thanks for the correction.

    And thanks for this "collection." You've given me plenty to read between assignments and phone calls at the office.

  7. great job!

    i agree, it is easier to read this way.

    thanks for including me!

  8. I never really feel like I fit into any one category anyway.

    You did a great job... thanks for the link.

  9. Hey Rafi,

    Thanks for the link!!

    I found your HH post via Gila's blog and was surprised to find my name!

    At first, I didn't realize it was me, because of the way you spelled my name.

    I always spell my name: RivkA

    You just inspired me to write about why:

  10. Thanx.

    Btw, good links!

    LOVED Sesame Street!!


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